Effortlessly Elegant. Seriously Comfortable ... and Machine Washable

The Perfect Slippers

The Slippers You've Been Dreaming Of

Bye-bye ugly, clunky slippers. Hello Luvons.

Beautifully designed, our slippers are elegant and effortless, luxurious and comfortable. Did we mention they're machine washable?

our debut style

The Devon

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The front page of the prestigious 7X7 Holiday Gift Guide!

"The debut style from new SF brand Luvons checks all the boxes: effortless and elegant, comfy and machine washable."

"When I think of slippers, I think ugly. You only wear them when you're not dressed or don't have guests. But these are so comfortable, cute, and elegant - not clunky at all. They feel luxurious but casual at the same time. Absolutely what you want to wear when people come over."
— Maria
Luvons Luxury Slippers
"I have sweaty feet, so I used to look for slippers that are washable or inexpensive, so that I can just toss them if they get smelly. I like these because they're machine washable so I can keep them longer - they look pretty too!"
— Shannon
Luvons Luxury Slippers
"I have crazy wide feet, but these slippers don't rub on me. They're comfortable with high arch support. I also like how they make my feet look longer and not as wide - they look elegant!"
— Lara
Luvons luxury slippers
"I love the style, it looks rich and sophisticated. I can wear these out of my house!"
— Patricia
Luvons luxury slippers in Slate- pair angled view
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